Patch Notes
Every game update since the launch of the public beta in January 2021
  • Gameplay: Adjusted inescapable multi-hits (Rice Swat) to only KO on the last hit
  • Combo Trials: You can now verify that a hit was a "punish" or "antiair" (see Rice #4)
  • Combo Trials: Fixed bug where some combo progress persisted across position resets
  • Modding: AttackConfig.cannotKO added
  • Ranked: Search range for "Similar Opponents" expanded 150 > 200
  • Ranked: Search range for "Stronger Opponents" expanded 400 > 9999
  • Steam: Disable clicking on the version modal to open up the status page
  • Modding: FighterStatsConfig.startMeter added
  • April Fools gameplay changes have been reverted
  • April Fools: Updated Rice and Pork with bugfixes and balancing
  • April Fools: Updated Rice with bugfixes and balancing
  • April Fools: Updated Rice, Beef, Pork, and Garlic with bugfixes and balancing
  • April Fools: Updated Noodle, Rice, Pork, and Garlic with bugfixes and balancing
  • April Fools: Disabled "Account Favorite" allowing players to access base characters
  • April Fools patch! All characters have been swapped with modified versions for the next week
  • Maintenance: Last minute April Fools fixes
  • Maintenance: More changes in prep for upcoming April Fools event
  • Combo Trials: You can now press 0 on the keyboard to reset position
  • Maintenance: Misc changes in prep for upcoming April Fools event
  • Combo Trials: Reworked some Noodle and Beef trials to be less flaky
  • Modding/Combo: Adding auto scaling so longer combo trials will fit on screen
  • Modding/Combo: Added experimental new trial system for the April Fools event
  • Modding/Combo: Fixed display names not working on new seqIds
  • Modding/Combo: Fixed Garlic's combos being accidentally added to Secret Spice
  • Modding: Removed duplicate boss configs in main header
  • Modding: Added combo trials! Test with the new Combo button in the top right of the Mod Menu. Updated docs coming soon
  • Modding: Fixed ProjectileConfig.displayHide
  • Lobbies: Fixed bug where copy/pasting a URL would retain any periods
  • Modding: SequenceConfig.displayHide added
  • Modding: Added support for the Throw icon in Frame Data
  • Maintenance: Updated URL for accounts API
  • Gameplay: Slightly increased delay before a match starts to mitigate audio and loading issues
  • Gameplay UI: The WINS counter now updates immediately once the match ends
  • Gameplay UI: Added a star next to the WINS count to indicate the most recent winner
  • Gameplay UI: Added a win-streak indicator next to the WINS count once 2+ games have been won in a row
  • Lobbies: Added new host feature "Prevent Start" that lets the host prevent the game from automatically starting when both players mark themselves READY
  • Lobbies: Fixed bug where the P2's READY status wasn't being reset when P1 left the queue
  • Mobile: Hid the matchmaking button during gameplay since it was interfering with the controls
  • Mobile: Made the social icons closer on the main menu to make it easier to click the matchmaking button
  • Noodle: Frenzy pushback increased by 50% to limit oki options
  • Rice: Teleport can now cancel the end of their recovery into throw
  • Rice: Removed startup invulnerability from Swat
  • Rice: 5H > 5H > 4S now teleports back a fixed distance away from the opponent
  • Pork: Fixed Caber Toss to auto tech when thrown out of the run animation
  • Pork: Fixed Caber Toss tech to put characters at the same distance as a normal throw tech
  • Modding: CancelConfig.onHitTumbling added
  • Gameplay: Fixed bug where non-training game modes wouldn't start
  • Rice: Added new move Quickport, which allows Rice to teleport a short distance after attacking
  • Rice: You can perform Quickport by canceling Light and Heavy attacks into back Special (retreat) or forward Special (close)
  • Gameplay: Throw tech animation extended 20 > 40 frames to give players more time to react